Get Ready To Embark On A Journey Into VR – Which Platform Is For You?


With Oculus Rift getting released on 28th March the Sparks spend time breaking down the reviews that dropped in to coincide with the release.

Antony and Darren give thanks to Palmer Luckey for his vision and for driving Oculus forward and look forward to the future of this new platform that will no doubt innovate and deliver amazing experiences to the consumers.

Also examined is the fact that having PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive active in the market can only be a good thing for the future of VR as it seems the industry has a razor sharp intent upon making VR relevant.

Once the affordability factor is overcome VR will surely become more mainstream but as it stands at the moment, which platform would you go for?

In this week’s news section we have rumours of the first NX games and future games from EA via a leaked document on NeoGaf detailing the titles to be showcased in their ‘EA Play’ event at E3 in June.  Among the titles for NX there are 2 new Star Wars titles, could we see more Battlefront announcements at this year’s E3; the Sparks certainly hope so.


April is almost here and so we have the free games for both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.  It’s a stellar month for Xbox One with not one but four blockbuster titles; first up is the critically acclaimed episodic adventure The Wolf Among Us followed by the  Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, from Insomniac Games.

At their ‘Build 2016’ conference Microsoft has announced that Windows Anniversary edition is coming to Xbox One, turning any retail Xbox One into a dev unit and bringing Windows 10 apps, background music and Cortana to Xbox One.

Live from the VR News Desk this week it’s an Oculus review blowout as the first in the VR trinity is released to mostly high praise indeed.  Reviews from Verge, IGN, Eurogamer have all been incredibly positive.

As Oculus launches worldwide one lucky customer had the creator of Oculus, Palmer Luckey turn up at their work to hand deliver the first consumer edition.

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Palmer Luckey delivers the first Oculus

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