Are you OK with PS4K?


In this week’s episode Antony and Darren welcome James Thomas (@BigSheep) into the gaming fold to discuss the ins and outs of the latest gaming news, rumour and what we’ve been playing.

According to an article on Kotaku and corroborated by Eurogamer news of a PlayStation 4.5 or PS4K has surfaced…

With rumours of Sony working on a PS4.5 currently rife around the interwebs the Spark’s dive into the speculation pit and hammer out whether or not it’s a good thing for a more powerful PS4 to be just around the corner.

The idea of some increased functionality has happened before of course and we have been furnished with refinements in standard and slim models before – the Xbox 360 Elite having an HDMI input for instance – but, and this is just hypothesis at this stage as we do not truly know the difference that the rumoured new model would make – if this turned out to be more than just an iterative change, if a newer 4.5 model really was a jump in terms of graphical finesse and had the power to match that with an increased frames per second, where would this leave existing owners?

Surely it would not be prudent to incense a user base of 32 million happy PS4 customers with the news that their PS4 is now second best to a newer and shinier model?

It will of course depend on the extent of difference between the models, the cost will certainly be a factor and whether Sony will be able to offer an upgrade path to existing owners will also be interesting to see. Console owners, as a rule, buy a console because they know they are safe from upgrades. They know they are on the same level playing field as the rest of their console buddies. Are the lines between console and PC set to blur if this trend escalates? Could mid-cycle console upgrades become the norm?

Time will tell.


In other news, we discuss Microsofts recent survey asking if trading in digital games would be welcomed. Hooray we shout, but for just how much will you be deleting your beloved games of yore for?

Also in the news section this week we have a Telltale blowout with first details from the upcoming Batman game, The Walking Dead announces a season 3 (coming 2016) and Minecraft: Story Mode will live on beyond its initial advertised five episodes with an additional three episodes.  The news from Telltale is that the new content won’t be included in the current Season Pass!

Live from the VR News Desk this week It’s a bit of a PSVR fest this week, as we discuss all the excitement surrounding the recent pre-order go live for Sony’s VR tech.  In just how many minutes did the latest bundle sell out on Amazon? Thee certainly is a HUGE demand for this device.

We also discuss VR Theatre mode and its implications – take a look below.

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