Is Rocket League’s Xbox One Release Helped or Hindered by Being Ex PS-Plus?

In this week’s episode, Antony and Darren discuss the anticipated release of the acclaimed Rocket League on Xbox One and ponder over whether the fact that the game launched as a free PS Plus title would help it sell over on Microsoft’s platform due to the love furnished upon it at that time, or could this legacy make potential buyers hesitate to part with their cash in the hope that as it was free over on PS4 it won’t be long to become free on Xbox One… Is there an equation here? Desire vs Patience?

Also on this week’s podcast Darren begins his play through of ‘Life is Strange’, find out if the title that blew both Antony and James away has it’s hooks into Darren and if he is enjoying experiencing the life of a teenager told through the eyes of Max.

In our “What We’ve Been Playing” section Antony starts his play through of Firewatch and discovers the gorgeous forest of Wyoming.  Darren’s been getting jiggy with it and playing the fantastic rhythm action rogue-like, ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’, now available on PS4 and PS Vita

In this week’s news section we have release dates galore with DOOM, Rocket League, Downwell on PS4/Vita, and many more.  The Sparks say goodbye and salute a to a true gaming legend and we have news on the open beta for the Antony’s most anticipated title of 2016, The Division.

Exciting news for Antony that Telltale Games announced the release dates for the The Walking Dead: Michonne 3-part miniseries which will premiere its first episode, ‘In Too Deep,’ on February 23rd.  The second episode in the miniseries, ‘Give No Shelter,’ will follow in the month of March, and conclude with the third episode, ‘What We Deserve,‘ in April

Live from the VR News Desk this week we discuss IGN’s most anticipated VR games, the TechRadar article about the space need to use HTC Vive and Darren run’s down some great PC/Oculus deals from US outlets Amazon, Best Buy and Microsoft Store.

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