Does Firefight Now Make Halo 5 The Complete Multiplayer Package?

This week the Sparks, with help from our friends at Globegig Media are trying something a little different, we go in front of the camera to bring you the first ever video version of the Lost Spark Podcast.  Please let us know in the YouTube comments what you think.

This week Microsoft announced two new waves of free additional content for Halo 5 adding more maps, items and gameplay.  The latest release, Hammer Storm is the most extensive post-launch content pack to date and the greatest news is, it’s all completely free!

During the content announcement trailer Microsoft also teased the best news of all; Firefight is coming to Halo 5 in the form of “Warzone Firefight”.  The new mode, “Warzone Firefight”, will bring PvE to Halo 5 multiplayer and let 4+ players battle together against waves of enemies – does this make Halo 5 the complete online package?

It’s the last episode of the month so that brings the fresh new PS Plus/Games with Gold titles. The Spark run down the list of free games available on both platforms.

Live from the VR News Desk this week we get Darren’s reactions to the release of HTC Vive’s price point We’re only days away from the pre-order site going live, will Darren leap into Vive?

Also this week in VR Sony announced the GDC PlayStation VR showcase event, could March 15th be the date that we’ve all been waiting for, listen to the Lost Spark Podcast for more information.

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