Ubisoft Have Created a Division in The Sparks – Will You Jump In or Sit Out?

Ubisoft have announced the span of The Division game’s version of New York City which is at a scale of more or less “one to one”. Antony is over-joyed at being able to find post-apocalypse versions of the Flatiron Building and other New York landmarks.  But wait, all is not right with the Sparks as Darren reveals that he will not be Antony’s wingman in this anticipated title but instead will be sitting the game out!

Hear The Division divide the Sparks.

Hear Darren’s glowing review of Until Dawn in our “What We’ve Been Playing” section, as Darren blows dust off another game from his “to be played” pile, he realises that Until Dawn is something special and lives up to that once debated full-price tag.  Never one to play games in a conventional way, Darren turns this epic single-player game into an interactive party experience.


In this week’s news section we chat, dissect and debate the latest news from the gaming industry;  Top stories this week include the news that London is getting a Games Festival which will include fantastic events such as EGX Razzed, BAFTA Games Awards and a series of talks to be held at the BFI Southbank.

Also in the news Microsoft have started to rollout monthly updates again, this month brings improvements to the social features and PlayStation send out laughable olive branches for the recent PSN outage.

Live from the VR News Desk this week we run through the announced PlayStation VR titles, get the latest from Mike Bithell on Volume: Coda and the Sparks discuss the price of Oculus or Vive and a VR capable PC in comparison to PlayStation VR.

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