Could HTC Vive’s Front Camera Offer Mixed Reality and Steal Hololens’ Thunder?

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We stand on the brink of VR entering the mainstream and with HTC Vive at last revealing the details of their ‘Very Very Big Technological Breakthrough’, the Sparks share their feelings about the announcement, asking was it as big as expected, did it take the wind out of their sails and are there applications that the forward facing camera will allow us to embrace that just haven’t been thought of yet?

Yesterday (6th Jan 2016) marked the date when the VR revolution truly began, with the consumer version of Oculus Rift being finally available for pre-order, costing £499 in the UK and $599 in the US and with a release date of April 2016. The price point is discussed…

The Sparks, along with James ‘Sensual Santa’ Thomas (@BIGsheep) record an epic podcast discussing the latest gaming news along with a jam packed VR News Desk covering all the latest VR News.

In the ‘What We’ve Been Playing‘ section we discover two MUST HAVE titles that unfortunately missed the Sparks GoTY year pod by a week, listen to the guys adore and gush about the excellent ‘Until Dawn‘ and the amazing ‘Life Is Strange

In this week’s news section we have an update on Star Wars: Battlefront sales figures for November and December 2015, spoiler alert, it’s selling by the bucket load.  Sony have had some network problems and are doing the respectful thing and honouring their users by way of compensation.


The Assassin’s Creed franchise has had a revelation and is taking some drastic but needed measures, with reports suggesting that the next “major” Assassin’s Creed game will skip 2016 and will be released in the autumn of 2017 instead, the rumours also suggest that the 2017 game will be set in Ancient Egypt.

Live from the VR News Desk this week we report on the Oculus motion controller delay, the Oculus pre order price point and discuss analyst predictions for how 2016 will embrace VR, tune into the VR News Desk to find out more…

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