Will Destiny’s £25 Boost Packs Tip the Balance of Fair Play?

Darren drags Antony out of his Star Wars spoiler proof bunker for another fun filled episode, in which the Sparks debate Destiny’s latest offering to their loyal gaming community and ask, have we finally reached the stage where microtransactions threaten to upset gameplay balance and if not, are we just one step away from the dreaded ‘Pay to Win’ scenario dividing ‘The Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’ that lies in the Sparks worst nightmares?

In this week’s Podcast we talk about Kojima finally surfacing now that he’s free from the shackles of Konami and starting his own studio, Kojima Productions.  With the announcement that his first game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, the Sparks wonder what it will be and how long will we have to wait…

We also have information of some great new games coming our way in early 2016; Banner Saga coming 12th January and the fantastically wonderful Unravel coming 9th February.

Also on this week’s podcast Darren recalls stories from his time on the Ubisoft gaming help desk and how GameFAQ’s saved his bacon!

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