PlayStation VR – Stick Men or Next Gen?

In a week dominated by news from both the Video Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience, the Sparks, along with plenty of bearded banter from guest Spark James Thomas (@BIGsheep) breakdown the new games announcements, gameplay trailers and VR news.

We got to see PSVR in action and that was fantastic but when you compare the live demo showing a Discs of Tron inspired vector game that didn’t truly look that impressive, to the likes of Eagles Flight, shown (but not played) from Ubisoft. It made the Sparks wonder what the true early VR experience will be, will it be breathtaking visuals and immersion, or will we get much more functional graphics at first with the immersion being the main hook?

News of a sequel to the Spark favourite JRPG, Ni No Kuni fills the podcast with joy and they reminisce about the wonderful Studio Ghibli inspired game from Level-5 Studio.  But we ask, where’s Drippy?

With the news that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going episodic, we discuss why a game that Darren has always dreamed of could potentially end up being a nightmare?

We’re back to Darren’s ‘VR Desk’ and talk about the latest VR news, this week it’s Sony’s turn as we run through all of the latest PlayStation VR announcements and wow at the stunning Rez Infinite and Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight.  But the Sparks ask if we will see games in VR’s first year or just ‘experiences’?

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