Does HTC Vive Have An Extra Christmas Present For Us?

In true holiday fashion, The Sparks embark on their first Christmas episode (warning, WE SING!) but with the release of The Force Awakens Darren and Antony’s Christmas takes a backseat to the new Star Wars movie but don’t worry we are totally spoiler free!

In this week’s news section the Sparks discuss Rock Band 4, which finally gets an update to allow what we’ve all wanted since the games’  launch but is it all rosy for Darren?  

Plus we have January’s free Games with Gold titles and in true Top of the Pops style we countdown to the Christmas number 1.

Live from Darren’s ‘VR Desk’ – We talk about how Ace Combat 7 will be a better experience with PlayStation VR, the website VRFocus goes hands on with the beta version of Hololens and HTC Vive say that the delay will be worth it as they have a technological breakthrough they want to share with us all at CES 2016

Merry Christmas to all from Darren and Antony!

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Free Games and Festive Discounts from GOG

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VR Focus Goes Hands on with Hololens

PS I Love You XOXO Shuhei Yoshida Interview (look at the background for Driveclub VR)

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