Please Fallout with GAME – No More Exclusives!

Fresh from Vault 111 Darren, Antony and guest Spark James (@BIGsheep) talk through their first day of wandering the lands of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, don’t worry it’s completely spoiler free! The Sparks also discuss GAME’s seeming stranglehold on UK exclusives and beseech the powers that be to stop giving them the exclusives so we don’t have to face the endless excuses in light of yet another disappointing blunder!

Hear the heartbreak from Darren as he relives the traumatic week leading up to the delivery of his Pip-Boy Collection Edition of Fallout 4 as he recounts living through the Pip Boy Fiasco.

In the new section we discuss the list of Xbox One backwards compatibility titles available for Xbox One and ask will you play them or are they just a nice to have?

We also have news on the return of the much loved and the most hated video game awards and discover that Konami are getting into creating prosthetic limbs!

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Darren sporting his Pip-Boy

Xbox One 104 backward compatible titles

Warcraft Trailer

Windows Central interview with Mike Ybarra

Fallout 4 Launch Interview With Pete Hines

The Alternative Limb Project

Meet the woman who turns artificial limbs into works of art (via

Xbox Feedback

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