PlayStation 3.00 – Is it Worthy of a Point Zero Title?

On this week’s Lost Spark podcast Antony and Darren talk about the latest PlayStation 3.00 update and the features that lie within but have trouble getting on board with the fact that this is a full version update… There just doesn’t seem to be enough there to get too excited about – is it really enough to justify a full version number jump?

Also discussed is a good deal of VR speculation, pondering about if releasing multiplayer only games is really a good idea in the wake of recent attempts and more details about that exciting Star Wars Battlefront beta.  

Hear our first hand report from the Eurogamer Expo – find out which games we went hands on with, which title didn’t quite hit the spot and which titles made the trip to Birmingham worthwhile.


Plus the Sparks discuss, debate and dissect the Edge Top 100 greatest games and Antony asks (as he always does) where’s Viva Piñata?!

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2 thoughts on “PlayStation 3.00 – Is it Worthy of a Point Zero Title?

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  2. Soda Popinski

    This should really be 2.6 update (maybe 2.75 at best), certainly not big 3.0. All mostly social features. Still no much needed folders for currently chaotic main menu organization, friend notifications, direct hard drive media file save/storage options, or digital PS1/PS2 classics emulation yet. Should have saved 3.0 for something big like that imho. I’m not a social gamer, so the only thing of substantial benefit in this update is the much needed PS+ 10GB cloud save update.


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