Duck These Microtransactions!

In this week’s podcast the Sparks break down all of the recent crazy microtransactions news: Have Konami out ‘horse-armoured’ Bethesda with their new Mother Base insurance policy!? Is Destiny about to open the floodgates with their newly introduced “Silver” currency? If only there was an insurance policy we could get that protected us all against against this seemingly unstoppable barrage of cash siphons, or are the gamers who dislike this practice really in the vocal minority?

In the news – there’s a price drop for the PS4, a prehistoric Far Cry and speculation regarding the size of CD Projekt Red’s much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077

Also in this episode we have an update from Darren’s VR News Desk on the exciting news from both Microsoft Hololens and some insight into PlayStation VR

Don’t forget if you are jumping into the Star Wars Battlefront Beta over the weekend, 10th – 11th October then look for the Sparks in the battles of Hoth, our gamertags are:

Chessman on Xbox Live
PS-Chessman on PSN

Wythamator on Xbox One
Wythamator on PSN,

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Far Cry Primal trailer

Polygon Article – Why won’t the fans support Shenmue 3?

Hololens Info (Eurogamer) with amazing tech demo video 

Playstation VR – Harmonix Music VR Interview

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