Tokyo Game Show – Has Western Gaming Finally Surpassed Its Teacher?


On this week’s podcast Antony and Darren run-through Sony’s TGS press conference and cannot help feeling a little underwhelmed, could the land that inspired so many of the games we love need to look to the West to re-ignite its Spark?

Plus the Sparks discuss The Gamechangers – the BBC Dramatisation of Jack Thompson and Rockstar during the development and release of GTA San Andreas and Antony gives insight into a revitalised Destiny with the advent of The Taken King and Darren praises MGSV perhaps a little too much.

We also chat about the latest gaming and tech news of the week including the newly announced release date for Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode and could we have a new developer for Half-Life 3? (spoiler alert, it’s a no!)

As news of the preview invites start to trickle out, excitement builds for the New Xbox One Experience Dashboard and its slick new features.

Also in this week’s pod: The Sparks go toe-to-toe in an epic Apple/AppleTV debate.  The one thing they can agree on is that Apple must be out of their minds if they think the new AppleTV will change gaming forever!

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Sony’s SCE Japan 2015 Press Conference

Watch The Gamechangers

New Xbox One Experience (NXOE)

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