Pachter Basics – Could we be Console-less by the Next Gen?

In light of Michael Pachter’s discussion at DICE Europe last week, the Spark’s take some time to examine his prediction of a console-less future in which gaming is directly accessed via Smart TV’s or set top boxes and the like. Would millions more Gamers dive in, would a change like this herald a new dawn of gaming but most importantly, could a potential lack of new consoles ruin Christmas morning?!

Antony and Darren get very excited about the release date announcement of Jonathan Blow’s latest work, The Witness and speculate and look forward to what we hope will be another fantastic experience.

Also on this week’s podcast Darren and Antony discuss the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta. The Sparks imagination runs wild at the rumours of a Microsoft ‘toys to life’ contender, plus we have news of more Arkham Knight DLC than you can shake a Batarang at! 

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Halo 5 Blue Team Opening Cinematic

Michael Pachter talks the future of Consoles

The Witness trailer

Microsoft Goes Amiibo – Bracelet and Physical Toy Patent

Potential Gaming Voice Actors Strike

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