Release Collisions – Is there room on the road for Mad Max and MGSV?


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 26th August 2015MSG5

Let’s get straight to the question at hand here, and that is:

Why is Mad Max being released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V?

Mad Max piqued my interest from its first announcement at E3 2013. A beautifully crafted, post apocalyptic, open world game based in the Mad Max universe with a focus on cars, combat, survival and revenge. Never mind RPG, this is shaping up to be the first CAR PG – OK, sorry about that but what’s not to like?

Well, as far as I can see, the only thing wrong about this game so far is the release date. Avalanche Studios – who among other games have brought us the joy that is the Just Cause series – are bringing their (in my opinion sleeper hit) game to us on 1st September 2015. The same day Konami are dropping Metal Gear V into our longing hands.

Mad Max was a day one purchase for me pretty much from the get go after the original announcement. I love that it is something that seems to deviate from the norm, something that surprised us all when announced and further impressed the gaming community when we saw the gameplay footage.


So here is my concern. I will be getting Mad Max – of that there is no doubt, I am sure that I will enjoy the experience and I am really looking forward to it. The problem is that unfortunately MGSV takes precedence for me personally and so if I have a choice of two games releasing on the same day, I’m gonna go with Metal Gear. Now, I’m not a die hard MGS fan but I have enjoyed the series and with the hype surrounding the game, the stellar scores given thus far (let’s not get into the review event and micro-transactions debate here) and the fact that this is the final chapter we will see from Hideo Kojima, all align to make MGSV the choice for me and I am sure that many other gamers would agree.

But, in making my choice, I will not be a day one Mad Max-er and with all the other titles coming from now until Christmas I really can’t say when I will be able to fit it in, what with Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Start Wars Battlefront and so on.

Star Wars Battlefront

Now, the choice for me is predominantly down to time I can spend playing. I know that I can’t get equally invested into two massive games at the same time. My play-style usually consists of one vast get-your-teeth-sunk-right-into game and this can be complemented by other fun experiences that don’t take quite the same time commitment. Like playing Witcher 3 along with Spelunky, Driveclub, Street Fighter for example. Now I know that there are gamers with more time, or maybe even their playstyles can accommodate two (or more) massive open world games at once. For me though, for maximum immersion in a game world, it’s one at a time I’m afraid.

The other issue is cash. Many gamers may need to choose one or the other simply due to finances and the need to discriminate between which games to buy is further compounded by the amazing line up we have rushing towards us in the months leading up until the year’s end.

So ultimately I am saddened that Mad Max may not get the sales that it deserves due to it’s release date. The first day and first week sales are so important in the industry and carry so much weight it just feels unfair if it is deemed a failure due to the day picked for release, when a release a few weeks back could have made all the difference. I for one would have jumped straight on board if Mad Max had been released last week or the week before.

The debate is an old one and has been discussed for years. Trying to predict some of the decisions within our beloved industry can be difficult and sometimes making sense of decisions made can be equally difficult, if not utterly perplexing.

The Summer Games Drought is almost over and gamers worldwide prepare themselves for some fantastic experiences heading our way over the coming months. A golden age of gaming is at hand some may say – but not too loud, just in case… We don’t want it to end, but please, publishers, give your games the chances they deserve, give them every chance you can to make them the best choice for the gamer who is looking for that one AAA experience on release day and please avoid double dropping great games at the same time for both your own profits and our gaming schedules!

Of course there is an argument that Metal Gear is not for everyone and Mad Max offers a fantastic alternative to people who aren’t interested in or just don’t want to start trying to get their head around MGS’s rather inaccessible crazy story.

So what will you be going for – Mad Max, Metal Gear or both?

4 thoughts on “Release Collisions – Is there room on the road for Mad Max and MGSV?

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  2. Snake Pliskin

    Metal Gear all day that’s all I’ve been waiting on BloodBorne has held me over but now it’s time for war

  3. Panko1

    Mad Max is great as a George Miller’s movie but not the same as a game. Only a MGS game can be as good as a Mad Max movie, it has many times already.


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